Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day Camp Report: Week Four

Written by: Dominique Dobson, Children & Youth Department

EECM's Summer Day Camp continues! Last week, we wrapped up the “positive and negative relationships” thematic and moved into bullying.

Today’s children and youth suffer from a tremendous amount of pressure, not only from their peers, but from society as a whole. Learning how to cope with negative peer pressure and bullying of all types will help our young people overcome negative temptation, stand up for what is right, and positively defend themselves.

It is also important for our kids to learn to better manage circumstances that provoke aggression and anger so as not to allow life situations to determine personal outcomes, such as becoming bullies themselves.

As for in-camp activities, campers continued working on production lines, dances, and music for the end of camp production next week.

This week’s trip schedule included:

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! The 5-10 year olds went to the Zoo!

The 7/8’s enjoyed a movie at the South Side Works Movie Theatre.

5-8’s saw flowers they had never seen before at Phipps Conservatory. They potted and took home their very own tomato and blueberry plants, giving them the opportunity to use those “green thumbs” for the first time!

The 5-10 year olds finished off their week at Idlewild Park!

The 11/12’s went to Fun Fore All and finished their week at Kennywood Park!

Finally, the 13/16’s conquered the waves at the Wave Pool and completed their week at Cedar Point!

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